Qualified Typist Services for Every Need


Why Would You Use Typing Companies?

Whether you a writing a letter or even your thesis it may be better to have the work done by a professional typist rather than trying to do the work yourself. Just hire a typist and you can be sure that your writing will be typed up quickly and accurately while you will be able to concentrate on something else more important. Few of us are trained professionals when it comes to letter typing so we are never going to do it as well as someone that does it for a living. Professional typing services are able to help you with all forms of typing. They can help students, academics, professional writers and businesses with all forms of typing.

Most commonly this will be typing up handwritten notes or transcribing from a recording into a specific format or piece of software. You can find any typing service near me to do this task, but our professional typing writing services are able to provide you with a fully qualified typist that will be able to provide you with a top quality service that will fully meet your needs. We will help you to save time while ensuring that your work will always be done accurately in the format that you need. We aim for your full satisfaction and guarantee that you will receive it through our support.

What Makes a Good Qualified Typist?

If you are going to have your work completed to your satisfaction you will need to ensure that you work with a good typist. So what makes a good typist?

  • Someone able to type at a reasonable word per minute rate. Most typist achieve 65 to 75 words per minute while the average person achieves less than 40. A good typist offer typing fast and accuracy.
  • For transcribing you need someone that is able to clearly understand the spoken word and get it down in writing. Also the skills and knowledge to use transcribing equipment for playing back the sound files effectively.
  • For copying handwritten notes the typist must have a good eye and an ability to understand even the hardest handwriting.
  • The typist must be able to understand common formats and structures for documents such as for typing a business letter or a thesis.
  • They must have experience and an understanding of common software packages such as word and excel to be able to produce the work in the correct digital format for your usage.
  • They must have excellent English language skills for understanding grammar and spelling. Not all typing is verbatim, many will expect the typist to correct and improve the writing as they go.
  • An understanding of the subject area: this is especially true for legal and medical typing as well as for many other technical areas. Without a clear understanding it can be very easy to select incorrect words if there are issues with the notes or the recording.
  • They must be able to check and correct their work as they type to ensure that errors are corrected as well as ensuring high levels of accuracy.

Typing Essay Assignments Quickly and Accurately

Before you type up an essay you will need to ensure that you are organized and able to do a good job of the task. The following are the steps that you should be taking:

  • Ensure that you fully understand the expectations of the essay: what format should the writing be done in such as APA or MLA.
  • What is the expected structure of the paper: is this a simple 5 paragraph essay with an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion, or it a more complex paper that needs to be put into a defined structure?
  • Are you writing the notes or transcribing what has been spoken verbatim or are you expected to make the English correct as you type it.
  • For typing notes ensure that you are able to understand the handwriting that you have been provided and preferably have it on a stand where you can read it at eye level as you type.
  • For audio files ensure that you have software and equipment that allows you to quickly pause and cycle back and forth through the audio as required. Ensure that you are able to understand the accent being spoken in and that the quality of the audio allows you to recognize the words.

Typing Business Letters

Typing a business letter is very different to writing an essay. Often you will be only provided with the main information for the letter and be expected to provide the rest of the wording as per a standard letter of that particular type. Typing letter files will often also require you to do many letters all to a single template. The following are some of the areas that you need to consider when type correctly a letter:

  • What is the expected format for the letter: does the company have a specific letterhead or other requirement for the typing?
  • Is there a specific template that the information needs to be entered into or should it be structured as a standard letter of this particular type?
  • Have you got all of the information required to write the letter as expected? Can you understand the notes or the audio that has been provided for the typing?
  • Ensure that you have the relevant tools and aids to make your typing easy such as software and holders for the written copy.
  • Do you understand the software that is required and the specific digital format that is required of the completed letter.

Our Typists Are Qualified to Offer You the Best Help

Our handwriting and audio typing services use only highly qualified experts to ensure that they are able to provide you with fully accurate work that will be ready promptly. They will be assigned to work only in those areas in which they are qualified and experienced within. We have built up our sizable team of typing experts over several years which allows us to provide you with proven staff that we are confident will provide you with a level of service you will find hard to beat. Our qualified typist are:

  • Qualified to postgraduate degree level in a field that will allow them to fully understand the subject that requires to be typed. This includes law, medical and other highly technical areas.
  • Have native level English language skills to ensure highly accurate typing and excellent grammar.
  • A full understanding of the formatting requirements for the type of document that you require whether it is a business letter or an academic paper.
  • Able to understand even difficult handwriting or comprehend the hardest accents for transcription.
  • The ability to type your documents rapidly with a very high level of accuracy.

Why Work with Our Qualified Typing Services

Our manuscript typing services aim to ensure that you will receive typing that will be completed rapidly and to a high level of accuracy at all times. We want you to be fully satisfied with the help that we provide, after all we want you to see us as the first choice whenever you need any typing doing. We aim to provide the best and we are confident that you will be fully satisfied with the services that we provide to you. With our professional typing help you will always get to fully benefit from all of these:

  • A rapid turnaround: our experts are able to type quickly and will work to get your documents completed as rapidly as possible. We will always make sure that your typing will be delivered to you within the timeframe that was agreed.
  • Fully unique work: where creativity is required within your typing rather than simple verbatim typing we will always provide a plagiarism report to show that the work is unique to you.
  • Very affordable support: we provide our services at a highly competitive rate and advertise our pricing clearly within our site. There are never any hidden charges and your payments will be processed securely.
  • Error free typing: our services are all provided with free proofreading to ensure that your typing will be free of any issues when you receive it.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with your typing: if you have an issue that we cannot fix to your full satisfaction our services will refund your money.

Use our highly qualified typist to ensure that your work is done to a high standard of accuracy and will always be delivered to you on time.