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It’s not uncommon to have a piece of audio that you need to have transcribed, whether it be a lecture for school, something that you’d like to study more closely, or notes that you’ve recited into a recorder. Regardless of why you need to get it done, it’s still something that’s likely going to be highly challenging. For one thing, you need to be able to type as fast as the speech, the difficulty of which differs depending on the speaker, but this is a very fast speed to type at either way and few people are capable of doing so. Furthermore, there are all the other obstacles that could be in the way, accented speakers, poor quality, distractions, and even without these things and with a slow and clear speaker you still have to simply type accurately and succinctly over long periods of time, because the whole purpose of transcribing is lost if you make too many mistakes to the point that the content can’t be understood. Luckily, there is a perfect solution: find a typist who can retype for you any type of document as fast and effective as possible. Besides, professional typists have impressive typing speed and high level of accuracy. No wonder why so many people choose experienced typists for hire instead of hours of exhausting retyping.


A Few Facts About Our Astonishing Typists
Have Impressive Typing Speed
Have Years of Transcribing Experience
Are Efficient and Pay Attention to Details
Are Discreet: Strict Privacy Is a Guarantee
Produce Neat and Flawless Final Results

Professional Typist – Who Is He? Top Skills of Our Typists for Hire

Professional typist for hire is a highly-trained specialist who assists in writing, formatting, and editing of data. Typists for hire collect data and enter it in different records and databases. It makes the organization of large data easy. We have a team of professional typists who are providing professional typing services to individuals and companies. They can type at better speed and most importantly they can type your data with precision. Our professional typists have learned the skill of time management and they are perfect with grammar and spellings. They give attention to every detail and if typist needed, our experts are one of the most effective.

Handwritten Notes
Manuscripts & Manuals
Lectures & Equations
Excel Spreadsheets
Books & Journals
All Types of Letters
Contracts & Agreements
General Correspondence
Survey Forms
Job Application Docs
Pleadings & Briefs, etc.

Professional Typists Needed? We Are Ready to Help!

You’ve come to the place where you can hire a typist who can help you in a number of ways. If you need to prepare a report in a short time, or you have some business letters to type, our team of professional typists is ready to help you. No matter how long is the document, or what is the format of the document, we have a typist for hire who can do any task for you. Not only typing in text, if you need charts and tables or formatting of statistics is needed, our qualified and professional typists have the skills to do that too. We can revise the documents and do editing too. Our typists for hire can type data from any format, even if it’s an audio file. If you are looking for the file conversion and want to hire a typist, our team is here to help you. So, if typist needed, we are here!

Handwriting to Word
Handwriting to Excel
PDF to Word/Excel
PNG/JPG to Word
Word to Excel
Word/PDF to LaTeX
Survey Form to Word
Web Page to Word, etc.

Skills and Education of Professional Typist

Our professionals have a fast typing speed, which is the most important skill for a professional typist for hire. Other than that, they have a good grip on grammar. They have strong reading and comprehension skills to complete the tasks precisely. They are trained for the conversion of different file format. Usually, a high qualification is not required for the typist, but our experts have taken classes for the word processing and keyboarding. If typist wanted for any task, you are very welcome to hire a typist using our professional typing services. We won’t let you down. We’ll deliver impeccable and highly accurate results.

Typing Services We Provide: Find a Typist and Get 99.9% Accurate Results

If typing services needed, we provide the best one. Our spectrum of services is very wide. We offer typing, editing, transcription and proofreading services for a variety of documents. Our typists for hire can do spelling and grammar correction for you and our proofreading service can make your document better and presentable. You can rely on our experienced team if you need good quality typing and editing service. Typist wanted, contact us for affordable services.

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Pay a Very
Affordable Price
Receive Regular
Get the Final

Typist for Hire – What You’ll Get with Our Professional Typing Services?

If you have handwritten notes or text in any other format, our typists will cope with everything on the top level.
Our typists hor hire have knowledge about the formatting of articles, business letters, research papers, thesis, etc.
If typist wanted, accuracy level is the top priority. Our professionals offer more than 99% accuracy in their work.
Pure Privacy
We ensure that the work and personal details of our customers are not shared with anyone else. You find a typist using our services - we deliver precise and neet results.
Quick Delivery
We value your time and that is the reason we try to complete the assigned tasks as soon as possible. So whenever typing services needed, contact us.

Before You Hire a Typist, Check What Our Customers Say About Us

Godwin, USA
I couldn't be any more excited at the final piece. l am highly impressed. Thank you. My organization will go through and further changes, l will consult you again.
Suresh, USA
I did some formatting to your document. Now it looks good. Thanks for your great help!

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Hire a Typist Using Our Professional Typing Services

With all this in mind it’s easy to see why people often struggle with typing and transcription tasks, but not to worry, our professional typing services are here! We’ve got a team of experienced typists who’ve worked on countless tasks of transcription and can complete any task that you need regardless of what the audio is, who the speaker is, or what you’re looking for. Benefits of our professional typing services include:

24/7 Friendly
Highly Trained

When it comes to professional and reliable typing there’s simply no better place to go than to find a typist using our service! Not only do we have the top-notch professionals, we’ve got easy to use and always reliable service that you can count on to not just get the job done, but to get the job done right and provide you with fully accurate and high-quality typing!

Get the Help from Professional Typists That You Can Trust

When it comes to getting help online from a typist for hire, trust is a hugely important factor, after all, you need to rely on what this person gets you to be completely accurate and a duplication of the thing you need to read or study. Our service has nothing but the best professionals, and ultimately the best results, and we’re here to make sure that you get the great typing assistance that you need!


Hire our professional typist now and get the help you need from one of the most effective Professional Typing services!