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Manual Typing These Days

The data entry tasks can be easily done by anyone. However, many of us are not aware of the concentration and attention it actually requires. Typing by yourself can affect your other tasks. Therefore, it is suggested to for a professional help for it. The manual typing or data entry services have numerous benefits. First of all, it is helpful in recording the data in text form. Secondly, you can go through such data in the shortest possible time with no hassle. There are numerous audio typist services that claim to live up to your expectations and offer outstanding help for performing the data entry tasks.

There is a large percentage of mistakes made by the automated software if you try to rephrase any kind of content by using the online tool. More than 70% of the software are scams that claim to provide quintessential services like manual data entry. It is true that typing the content by a human can overcome a variety of mistakes. The grammatical errors, stylistic mistakes and different other types of issues can only be resolved once you rely on manual typing. Here are some unknown facts and stats that can give you more information about the data entry nowadays.

  • The manual typists have up to 80% chances of getting their work selected as compared to the retyped drafts by using online software.
  • The manual typing takes 95% more time to be done rather than the manual data entry. However, it is more workable and reliable even in the current era.
  • The fast solutions of data entry definitely help in saving almost 60% of your cost.

Data Entry Service Provider: Examples of Mistakes Made by Online Tools

From the PDF data entry services to the one for MS Word, the use of online software can never show you precise results based on 0% errors. There are many examples that can show you about the silly mistakes made by online software by changing the overall meaning of sentences. Here are some examples to consider before using any internet tool.

  • “I was supposed to work on that assignment”. This sentence was created by a data entry tool like, “I was support to work on that assignment”.
  • “The weather looks so pleasant and it took me outside for no reason”. This sentence was created by the tool like this, “The whether looks so pleasant and it took me outside for on reason.” There are two mistakes in this sentence as you can see.
  • “The father has brought two boxes of chocolates for me”. It was retyped online as, “The father has borough two boxes of chocolates for me.”

Even cheap data entry services, as well as manuscript typing company, can provide better results rather than going for the online tools. This clearly shows the significance of the manual data. Although, it is true that the only human can type the content manually without making numerous errors but h/she should be proficient enough to perform such a job. The knowledge of the shown topic, the know-how of its context and familiarity with the vocabulary are important to compose an error-free draft in the end. In short, the manual data entry also requires trained professionals to be distinguished with the online typing tools. It is definitely important to keep in mind.

A Wide Range of Data Entry Services We Provide

We have the data entry expert individuals who deal with various types of tasks related to copying data without missing any important info. We can manage the tasks of converting any type of content, manage the deadlines, deal with all the complexities of tasks and documents. Our experts give enough focus to the data typing work and read it first for the better understanding. You can’t expect the mistakes as they also edit each of the tasks with the in-depth focus. Trying our service would be quite beneficial for you. We do it for you in a simpler way.


The procedure to place the order is so simple. You need to begin with filling up the form and submit it. Then, make the payment and talk to our typist by discussing your typing task. We would then start working on your order. You can also go through the typing samples of our experts and choose the typist as well.

What Are the Formats of File Retyped by Our Team?

We retype the files of different formats. Our proficient team of typists can easily retype the text content by going through from the files of different formats. Apart from typing the content, we also provide the input process and data configuration help to the clients.

  • The Microsoft Office XML
  • DOC
  • TIFF
  • PDF
  • Plain Text
  • OpenDocument
  • Rich Text Format
  • Formatted Text
  • Images
  • MS Powerpoint

The content from secure databases is also typed by our expert team of typists. In this way, they can even also manage to retype content from MS Access.

Areas Where We Do Serve for Excel Data Entry

The typing help is provided for numerous areas by our professional typists. Here are some areas for which our professional typists work of the data entry tasks.

  • The medical data typing services are provided by our professionals.
  • They can also work for excel data entry tasks for legal drafts without any hassle.
  • The academic journals and other documents can also be typed by our staff.
  • All kinds of business documents are also retyped in an ideal manner by our experts.
  • Typing math data to digitize records is done by our team of typists in an efficient manner.
  • The proficient typing experts can also retype content of English Literature based on the difficult vocabulary.
  • They pay full attention to detail to overcome all the issues in the typing tasks.

We Do Offer Cheap Data Entry Services: Want to Know Why?

If you are looking for an excellent virtual typing firm, then we can help you out with this issue. Hiring our team would give you all of these benefits with no doubt.

  • Our typists know the actual way of retaining accuracy in the typed drafts.
  • Our virtual assistance for typing content is also based on proper editing and proofreading.
  • We only hire the typists with the minimum 10 years of experience in the same field.
  • The typing professionals can even rectify the errors (grammatical or spelling) in the text content.
  • The final but not insignificant benefit is to make corrections in the work as many times as you like. This is something that really leaves many of clients miffed with their chosen options for typing work. You will never get any disappointments by hiring us.

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No late deliveries. And, not any excuses anymore. We have come up with the ideal data entry services that can live up to your expectations.