How to Save a PDF as a Word Document


Steps on How to Save PDF as a Word Document

The steps on how to save a PDF as a word document is easy. If you want to know about it, here are the steps you should know. You can save a PDF file as a word document even your file is created in other application. Here are steps on how to convert PDF to word document.

  • Open your PDF file in Acrobat.
  • Open your PDF file that you want to save
  • Choose file, save as, MS Word and word document. The word document will be saved as DOCX file if you are using Word 2007 and 2010. If you are using an earlier version of the Word, select file, save as, MS Word and Word 97 to 2003. The file will be saved in DOC file.


Tip: If there is a certain part of your PDF file that you want to be converted to a Word document, you only need to choose the part that you want to save. The time you choose the part to save, right click and select export selection as. After this, choose Word document from saving as a type or from the menu format.

  • Set your settings and save the file.
  • In dialog box of Save as click settings. You should choose to retain the flow of the text or the page layout depending on what is your priority. In addition, you can choose an option so that you can include images and others.
  • Click OK for the dialog box to close.
  • After this, click “Save.”
  • Your acrobat tool will display the status of your conversion process. Take note that when you save a complex PDF document, your conversion will take longer than usual
  • If you want to evaluate the document, you should open your saved document in MS word.

Note: In many cases, PDF files are saved with high quality. But depending on how your document was encoded and created, you need to make some minor corrections and adjust spacing, too. Also, if you are looking for professional typist services, here are some.

Tips on How to Change a Word Document to PDF

With Adobe Acrobat: Bear in mind that you need to have the paid Adobe of the Acrobat for this method. In fact, they are offering a thirty-day free trial and when you like to make more conversion, you need to pay the entire software version.

  • Open the PDF in the software.
  • Under tools menu, select content editing and then “convert file” into its MS Word version.
  • If your PDF got some scanned text, highlight and then copy it. Switch off the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in the settings.
  • Name your file and then save it in the exact same location where your PDF is.
  • Click save and finish the process.

Without Adobe Acrobat

If you do not want the full version of the software because you do not have much money, you can choose to use online software or tool in converting your file. There are many sites that process numerous files and they are worth it. It is a good thing to add PDF to word document, but you should not do it when you have sensitive details.

How to Change a Word Document to PDF Tips

If you want to know how to change a word document to PDF file, you can use an online converter. There are free services on the web that you can try. Test and try it to know how it works. Finally, converting is easy when you know what to do. Whether you have a PDF file that should be converted to Word document or you have a word file that should be converted into PDF format; you should not worry because you always get a help online. Also, you are free to look at the professional typist services for more information, we’ve prepared for you.

7 Best PDF DOC Converters Found Online

We all use PDF as a universal file format to transfer scanned documents. However, it is within the intentions of Adobe to incorporate maximum levels of security when it comes to using this particular format. This is why it’s important to note that you have to use a comprehensive DOC PDF converter in order to get the job done properly. Below you are going to find the most comprehensive, quick and easy-to-use pieces of software on the market to handle your PDF to Word conversion. Let’s take a look:

  • UniPDF: This software is standalone and particularly easy to use. It is capable of performing high-quality and quick conversions from PDF to word documents.
  • As the name suggests, it’s amongst the best PDF to word converters available online. The results are a bit slower but the quality is top-notch.
  • Arguably the same quality as UniPDF. The format of the text is going to be well kept and it won’t require your email address to get the converted file.
  • The tool is characterized by high-quality conversions. You will need about 40 seconds to get a page converted.
  • The software is characterized by quick conversions of about 30 seconds. The files are also seemingly preserved in terms of format.
  • A comprehensive converter with a quick performance of no more than 28 seconds to convert a sample PDF.
  • You will need about 60 seconds to get the file converted and it’s going to require an email address.

PDF to Word Document Online Converter Tips

  • Open adobe acrobat
  • Click file
  • Click open
  • Choose the file you want to convert and click open. Browse your files until you find your PDF file.
  • Start to convert your file. There are two ways on how you can convert your file. The first one is to click your file and save as. Click the drop-down menu and choose Word document, and choose Save. The second way is to choose the file, export and choose word document. If the new window will pop up, name your document and save.
  • Wait for your file to be converted. If you have a long PDF document, it takes more minutes.
  • Open your new saved word file. Make sure that you save it in the same location where your PDF file is saved. Double click to your file to be open.

There is also another way of converting PDF to word document. There is free PDF to word converters on the internet that you can choose. There are tools online that do not require any downloading because it will automatically convert your PDF file. Online, there are many reliable and free sites that help you in converting. To convert, choose the file you want to convert and click the start convert button. Provide your email address if it is required. And if you have doubts you may check how to convert handwriting to text online. There you have the tips about PDF to word document converter. Knowing it will help you a lot and if you want to edit your PDF file, but you cannot do it, convert it to word first. The time you convert it, you have all the means to edit and to add some information if you want.

Online File Conversion Is Quick and Effective

There are a lot of software out there which would require subscriptions and download particular files f.e. Portuguese and English translators. Sure, they are going to perform but if you don’t need this for professional usage then you are definitely better off with simple online converters. They are going to get the job done just as good and they are going to cost you no money at all. Of course, there are drawbacks. For one thing, the conversion speed is going to be a bit insignificant in comparison but then again – you don’t rely on them for commercial appliances.

To put it in the simplest manner – you can’t edit PDF files. The main reason for this is because Adobe wants to ensure that fabrications aren’t possible. PDF’s are commonly used to send scanned contracts, the power of attorneys and other important documentation and being able to freely edit them is going to jeopardize their main designation. However, edits are necessary, we as one of the best professional typing services understand this, and in order to carry them out you would need to convert the file to an editable version and carry them out this way.

Still have problems with how to save a PDF as a word document? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out!