Create Table of Content Hands Down


Why Might You Need Professional Help to Create Table of Contents?

When creating an overly long paper such as a dissertation, journal or report, the contents can often seem to merge into themselves making it difficult to differentiate one area from another. It also makes it extremely difficult to track down certain information, requiring you to read the whole document to find what you were looking for. Fortunately, there is a solution to this by including a table of contents (TOC). Trying to create table of contents, however, is not as straightforward as you may think and by getting it wrong, it will only cause confusion for those trying to navigate their way through your paper. This is why so many people opt to have professional typing services such as ours to help them who can supply a fully qualified expert at building a TOC to ensure it is done right.

When we create a table of contents, just like the chapters of a book, it allows you to list each section of your paper with a short description and a page number of where to find it. This gives the reader an overview of the contents and allows them to locate information quickly. Knowing then how to properly write table of contents to your document is essential for helping others to reach any critical information contained within it in the shortest time, especially if it needs acting on.

What Are the Formatting Rules to Create Table of Contents?

As you would expect, there are guidelines that govern how to write table of contents. Like all academic writing, each paper follows the format requirements or style as either adopted by the institution or required by the subject area. For example, all medical journals in the USA have to be written using the American Medical Association’s (AMA) style guide. While many of the styles guide generally only list requirements for page setup, font, line spacing and citation rules, some do give suggestions when you create a table of contents. Tables of content written in the APA style can differ depending on the type of paper that it is needed for. Chapter heading can be divided into further sections but must contain an abstract and list of references.

The Harvard style table of contents starts with the first chapter of the book. Other material like the preface doesn’t get listed. Chapter numbers if used should always be represented in Arabic numerals with subheadings or part numbers listed in Roman numerals. A paper adopting the MLA style doesn’t normally require a table of contents unless it is overly long. Discretion is given to the writer when creating a table of contents in this style but it must be consistent throughout. An example table of contents in APA style would look like:

example table of contents

Tips on How to Insert Table of Contents in Word or Google Sheets

It can be a confusing process to try to build your own table of contents, especially when trying to do it manually. In long papers or reports, it’s so easy to lose track of page numbers or get the descriptions muddled up that it can cause irritation to those trying to find a specific area. There is a certain criterion which has to be present in a table of contents for an academic paper which differs to that of a standard book. Where a book primarily only lists the chapter and page number, research papers will include all headings and subheadings. These should then be numbered and worded exactly how they appear in the document with the appropriate page number.

There are easy ways to create table of contents, especially when using MS word or Google Sheets. As long as you have selected the right heading style for each, the respective programs will automatically build a table of contents for you. Here we will show you how to get the software working for you:

Using MS Word

Start by choosing where you want the table of contents by clicking on that area and then selecting the references section from the drop-down menus at the top of the page. On the left you see a graphic that has a table of contents written under it, select this to open yet another drop-down menu. Here you will be offered three choices, the first two are both automated and do pretty much the same thing with the third choice giving the option of manually building a table. If your headings and subheadings are formatted correctly, either the first or second option will automatically create a table of contents for you with the text exactly how it is written in the paper.

To make any changes to it manually, you will then need to edit the document not the table but the contents won’t be automatically updated, for any changes to take effect just click anywhere on the table for the menu to appear and select ‘update table’.


Using Google Docs

The process to create table of contents using Google docs is similar to that of MS word. You first need to ensure that each heading and subheading you wish included is correctly formatted so that when the software scans your text, it can identify them. This can be done by highlighting an area of text and selecting normal text from the menu. This will then bring a dropdown list of heading types for you to choose from. Next, place the cursor where you want the table of contents to appear then select Insert from the menu and choose the table of contents option.

If you need to change any headers in your paper, by clicking on the table of contents and selecting the refresh arrow, it will automatically be updated. For any further detailed assistance on how to write a table of contents, here are the steps to follow.

Benefits of Using Our Experts to Help Create a Table of Contents Online

Having a good clear manuscript table of contents is essential for letting people know exactly what is covered in your writing and gives them easy access to find it. In extremely long papers, however, this can often get confusing and page numbers can easily be incorrectly inserted. Having professional manuscript typing and conversion services like ours aid in the creation of your paper, you can be sure of experts that will take every effort to ensure that it is created properly and in the approved manner. With many years of experience successfully helping people build a table of contents for their papers/books from all walks of life, our professional TOC and outline writing services are always available 24/7.

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