How Our Fastest Typist Works


Fastest Typist Online Available with Us Always

fastest typistFastest typist is always the greatest necessity for all on their typing needs. We have the best typists to provide as service at very affordable typing services rates online for your needs. It is easy to avail our service at the best affordable rate too. We have a systematic and user-friendly procedure online to avail our service. You can follow the below-mentioned step by step procedure to receive our service online:

Fill out the order form: If you are looking for the professional typist and want to order from us, the first step is filling out a pretty simple order form. You should provide us with your contact details, type of service, number of pages, delivery time and upload all materials. This easy step takes just a few minutes.

Proceed with payment: Our team will evaluate the task and provides the tentative cost involved in finishing your task. So, the next step is making a totally secure and transparent payment. Your payment details are safe with us and we will share never these details with others. We accept all major credit cards.

Receive the first draft:  We will assign to your order the most competent typist who will review all your instructions and start working on the task. After the first draft will be completed, our Quality Assurance team will revise it for proper typing and send it for your review through email.

Review of outcome: If there are any remarks or needed corrections you would like to make, you are welcome to send all of these to us. All revisions will be done absolutely for free by your personal typist. Our goal is to deliver flawless and error-free results. No wonder why we have so high level of customer satisfaction!

Get the final results: Our fastest typist will immediately work on the provided remarks and corrections with no further delay. We will send you the final draft after all revisions via email in a timely manner.

Our Prices and Rates

Our prices and rates are very competitive, as compared to other online typing services. We offer typing services not only in English but in other languages too. We also can do audio to typing. If you have to get typed more than 100 pages, we will charge 1$ for a page. Our experts are native speakers, so the quality of the work is ensured. We offer best typing services. We also offer an exclusive discount for all our customers. Besides affordable rates, we guarantee:

  • Delivery even within the shortest turnaround
  • Dealing with any file formats
  • Final results with 99.9% accuracy
  • Full confidentiality and money back guarantee
  • Quality beyond expectations

Our fastest typist will help you with any issue in no-time! Contact us 24/7!