The Very Weird Handwriting of Famous Authors

Would you believe me if our typing service told you Sir Edgar Allen Po’s handwriting is impossible to read through? That’s right – you would have significant issues with understanding his handwriting. But this is not a one-off phenomenon. You would expect that famous authors have mastered the craft of handwriting because, well, that’s what they do for a living – they write. Unfortunately for those who had to transcribe it, this is almost never the case.

Famous authors have particularly hard to read handwriting techniques and this is quite logical, when you come to think about it. They are rather preoccupied with putting together every thought that they have and before computers were available, you can read about typewriter history, this was particularly challenging. In fact, when your train of thought is moving faster than your ability to write it down, you would have to sacrifice one of both if you want to catch up. And, in the majority of cases, authors would sacrifice the beauty of their writing in order to speed up the whole thing.

Handwritten Manuscripts Hard to Read Through

  • Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby was originally written on paper and, believe me when I say – it is a nightmare to read through. It seems as if Fitzgerald really didn’t pay much attention to his handwriting, even though when you take a look at it from a distant prospective it really does look charming.
  • Harry Potter – the all-time favorite children’s book was written by famous J.K. Rowling. While she might excel at writing fantasy, here handwriting is more than just peculiar. You can see that the plan for her books looks as if it was written by someone in the 4thgrad at most.
  • Ernest Hemingway has always said that he prefers to write while he is intoxicated and drunk. This is maybe the reason for which he uses large loops in his writings.
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Weird Handwriting Is Abundant

What is more, the examples do not stop with famous authors. You should see the handwriting styles of famous celebrities like Angelina Jolie, for instance. Her handwriting requires thorough analysis to go through. In any case, it seems as if weird handwriting is definitely characteristic of a lot of famous people.

Improve Your Own Handwriting

If you don’t want your papers to appear as if they were written by a toddler, which is more or less inappropriate for a professional appeal, you should most certainly work on the improvement of your handwriting. Disregard the weird writing skills of Hollywood celebrities and authors – this is something which really doesn’t concern them as their field of expertise lies elsewhere. However, if you are expected to write on a daily basis and these writings are later read by other people, you owe it to them and to yourself to enhance your handwriting capabilities.

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