How to Save a PDF as a Word Document

The steps on how to save a PDF as a word document is easy. If you want to know about it, here are the steps you should know.

Steps on How to Save PDF as a Word Document

You can save a PDF file as a word document even your file is created in other application. Here are steps on how to convert PDF to word document.

  • Open your PDF file in acrobat.
  • Open your PDF file that you want to save
  • Choose file, save as, MS Word and word document. The word document will be saved as DOCX file if you are suing Word 2007 and 2010. If you are using an earlier version of the Word, select file, save as, MS Word and Word 97 to 2003. The file will be saved in DOC file.

how to save a pdf as a word document

Tip: If there is a certain part of your PDF file that you want to be converted to a Word document, you only need to choose the part that you want to save. The time you choose the part to save, right click and select export selection as. After this, choose Word document from save as type or from the menu format.

  • Set your settings and save the file.
  • In dialog box of Save as click settings. You should choose to retain the flow of the text or the page layout depending on what is your priority. In addition, you can choose option so that you can include images and others.
  • Click OK for the dialog box to close.
  • After this, click “Save.”
  • Your acrobat tool will display the status of your conversion process. Take note that when you save a complex PDF document, your conversion will take longer than usual
  • If you want to evaluate the document, you should open your saved document in MS word.

Note: In many cases, PDF files are saved with high quality. But depending on how your document was encoded and created, you need to make some minor corrections and adjust spacing, too.

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If you want an easy step to convert your file, try PDF to word document online. There are tools that you can use out there!