How to Convert Handwriting into Text

The idea on how to convert handwriting into text is easy. There are OCR that can be used to help people in conversion, but sometimes there are problems because there are mistakes that the tool that committed. Also, if you are looking for professional typist services, here are some.

Handwriting into Text

It is better to write because there are instances that converting handwriting into text makes mistakes, but if you want to do it, here are a few options that you can do to convert the notes into text.
how to convert handwriting into text

  • OCR: OCR is also known as optical character recognition system that can read documents and able to convert it into text. If you have handwritten notes on your phone, tablet or PC; save it to be converted. On the other hand, there is a problem in here wherein the handwriting should be clear for the system to recognize it excellently. Also, you cannot use the tool with cursive handwritten notes or documents. OCR includes ABBY FineReader and SoftWriting.
  • Speech to text: There is speech-to-text software that can turn your handwriting typing into text when you read your notes aloud. For the tool to work, you need the best program that can able to translate few errors. You also need to patiently and slowly wait and read for each page of your notebook.
  • Transcription: If you want, you can avail the service of transcriptionist. They will be the one to convert your handwriting into text. There are some downsides of this, especially when it comes to cost. If you hire professionals, there are others that ask too much price.
  • Scan to PDF: There are still other things you can do if you do not want to hire a service. You can use a scanner to convert handwritten notes to PDF files or documents. This is time-consuming, but it helps you a lot. You can borrow a scanner or go to a computer shop to scan your documents.

To sum it up, converting handwriting to word is a good idea because you no longer need to type it, but you need to know what steps or ways you should do.

You can use scanners, software and others to convert your handwriting to text!