How to Change a PDF to a Word Document

Knowing how to change a PDF to a word document is a good thing because you can able to share it with other people or to add some information. When it comes to PDF file, it prevents you to correct mistakes. If you want to convert a PDF file to MS word, here is what you need to do.

Tips on How to Change a Word Document to PDF

With Adobe Acrobat: Bear in mind that you need to have the paid Adobe of the Acrobat for this method. In fact, they are offering a thirty-day free trial and when you like to make more conversion, you need to pay the entire software version.
  • Open the PDF in the software.
  • Under tools menu, select content editing and then “convert file” into its MS Word version.
  • If your PDF got some scanned text, highlight and then copy it. Switch off the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in the settings.
  • Name your file and then save it in the exact same location where your PDF is.
  • Click save and finish the process.

how to change a pdf to a word document

Without Adobe Acrobat

If you do not want the full version of the software because you do not have much money, you can choose to use online software or tool in converting your file. There are many sites that process numerous files and they are worth it. It is a good thing to add PDF to word document, but you should not do it when you have sensitive details.

How to Change a Word Document to PDF Tips

If you want to know how to change a word document to PDF file, you can use an online converter. There are free services on the web that you can try. Test and try it to know how it works.

Finally, converting is easy when you know what to do. Whether you have a PDF file that should be converted to Word document or you have a word file that should be converted into PDF format; you should not worry because you always get a help online. Also, you are free to look through the professional typist services for more information, we’ve prepared for you.

There are also tips on how to change a PDF to a Word document. Check them now!