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fastest typistFastest typist is always the greatest necessity for all on their typing needs. We have the best typists to provide as service online for your needs. It is easy to avail our service at the best affordable rate too. We have a systematic and the user-friendly procedure online to avail our service. You can follow the below-mentioned step by step procedure to receive our service online:

Order Form: We created an order form online for the clients. A client looking for the professional typist can fill this form. We will need personal and contact details of the client on this form. Along with this form, there is a facility to upload the details of the task that requires professional typing. A client is requested to fill this form and provide us the task details at this first step.

Payment: Our team will evaluate the task and provides the tentative cost involved in finishing the task for the client. A client is requested to make payment in this step and all types of payment modes will be accepted with us too like PayPal, credit card and some more. Your payment details are safe with us and we will share never these details with others.

Fastest Typing: Successful payment will initiate the working of our team on the task. Our team will keep in contact with the client through phone or email to bring the desired results on the task according to the interest of the client. Our qualified typist will attend on the task and fulfills every aspect in the task without fail.

Review of Outcome: Our qualified typists finished outcome will be sent to the client through the mail for seeking remarks and needed corrections, a client is requested to verify the outcome and provide us with the necessary changes. A client will revert back the checked outcome along with the needed changes and remarks.

Final Output: Our fastest typist will immediately work on the provided remarks and corrections with no further delay. This will result in creating the final outcome for the given task of the client. Here, this final outcome will be sent to the client along with the final bill for the payment. This final bill will be generated after deducting the payment made in the second step of the process. This will conclude the entire task without wasting time and money for the client.

Our Prices and Rates

Our prices and rates are very competitive, as compared to other online typing services. We offer typing services not only in English but in other languages too. If you have to get typed more than 100 pages, we will charge 1$ for a page. Our experts are native speakers, so the quality of the work is ensured. We offer best typing services. We also offer a discount to for our customers.

Audio typing in the English language

For 100 and more pages: $1/page

For less than 100 pages: $2/page

Other languages


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