9 Really Funny Type Mistake

There are a lot of things that could make you laugh nowadays, especially while browsing the Internet. However, nothing gives you the chuckles more than a solid and inappropriate typing mistake. These are capable of ruining the entire message and bringing shame to those who committed them. This is why our typing services have decided to take the liberty of presenting you with a few funny mistakes in typing which are definitely going to make you laugh a bit. So, without any further ado and wasting any more time, let’s take a look.

9 Really Funny Mistakes in Typing

  • Getting “they’re and their” wrong. There’s nothing worse than that. The worst part is when this appears on a billboard on a national highway promoting a product.
  • Getting the numbers wrong. Writing 12nd instead of 12th is particularly annoying. However, it brings in the chuckles when you encounter it in an English Language High school Student Book.
  • Billboard depicting the words “A Biomedical Technincian”. Not only did the state paid for a billboard, it didn’t even managed to get the spelling right.
  • Embarrassing greetings cards. Imagine sending a card to your potential customers advertising your graphic designing skills and getting the word “detail” typed as “detal”. It’s safe to say you aren’t getting those clients’ businesses.
  • Reebok commercial mistyping “Everything” with “Eveything” on an official campaign is definitely not something you want to see.
  • “Amercia” is apparently the new great country according to Ex Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.
  • “Student’s for McCain” appears to be representing some of the not-so-bright supporters.
  • Different marketing mistakes are particularly devastating especially if they are placed in your slogans.
  • Grammar nazi gone wrong with the Fox Announcer’s popular tweet “He was covered pretty good”. R.I.P grammar.
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Mistakes in Typing Could Be Devastating

As fun as those may be together with some different types of handwriting, they also had detrimental impact on the people they came out from. This is because a typo of the kind could make a huge difference. Just imagine how did the mistake in the situation of Mitt Romney, who was running for president, turned out to affect him. Getting the name of the country you want to officially run wrong is definitely not the best trick in the books.

Avoid Mistakes and Avoid the Shame

If you want to steer clear from situations of the kind, make sure to lay a lot of attention on your writing. Even though we don’t use handwriting as much thanks to the computer technologies, typing mistakes are still a huge deal in a lot of environments. This is especially true when it comes to marketing and producing official slogans and mottos. That’s why you want to check at least twice before sending out something for official print.

Check your writing a couple of times to avoid embarrassing mistake in typing!