7 Annoying Typing Habits That Drive Everyone Crazy

Avoid bad typing habits if you want to make yourself a professional typist. In today’s digital world, typing becomes a significant skill to possess regardless of one’s industry.  It is an almost everyday necessity for many of us. Typing makes more productive, getting things done faster.  So if you want to improve typing skills, keep reading.

bad typing habits

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Bad Typing Habits to Avoid

Looking at the keyboard

Many people look at the keyboard when typing. Even so, they still commit funny twitter typos that make them look funny. Also, when typing and looking at the keyboard, you are reducing your accuracy and speed.  What happens is that you cannot monitor your mistakes in real time because you’re not looking at your screen directly. It also makes you lose concentration to look at your keyboard; thus, you may not be able to write or type that message you intended to share just because you cannot see what you’re typing, as you’re looking at your keyboard.

Sitting in a bad posture

Back and neck pain is a common problem among people working in front of their computers typing. They experience such due to bad posture when typing. To avoid it, you must sit straight and always keep your back straight. You must also keep your elbows bent at the proper angle. You should also face your screen with a slightly tilted head. You must also maintain up to 70 cm distance between the screen and your eyes.

Funny Twitter Typos

  • Example: Just because I’m white doesn’t mean I can’t have corn road in my hair, rights? (sourceThe Poke)
  • Example 2:  Missouri loves company
  • Example 3:  I’m a force to be recorded with just watch me shine! (source:  Complex)

Typing Exercises

Improving typing speed, you can do it! You can practice with touch-typing. It’s typing without looking at your keyboard. This idea is about teaching your fingers to locate the keys without you looking at it.  In some cases, the F and J have a raised bar that lets your finger locate them without any hassles.  So by the time that you have placed to indexes on these keys, the remaining fingers are located on the keys, which are next to them.


  • Be careful about which among your fingers are going to press a specific key. There are also certain special keys, including the ASDF and JKL, which are located at base positions. In that case, your fingers will go from the base going to that key that you want to press.
  • Memorize your keyboard by making a mental or mind map of the fingers associated with the key. You should be able to press the keys without looking and thinking. Build up muscle memory for each of your finger.
  • Always look at the screen, and never look at the keyboard.
  • Remember to use the same finger all the time when pressing a specific key.
  • Practice with typing speed exercises.

How to Improve Your Typing Speed

According to Brian Voo, you can learn how to improve your typing speed if you would know how to use all your 10 fingers.  You must also relearn the proper finger placement on your keyboard.  For example, you would notice the raised bumps on both the F and J keys, helping you with proper finger placement without looking at your keyboard. Thus, you must place your index fingers on the F and J keys, while the remaining fingers will be positioned in other keys naturally.

TypingLessons.org shared other useful tips on their website in improving typing speed. First, learn how to type without mistakes. You must always follow that 100% correct practice. It also added that slower is faster when it comes to typing because speed should always come with certainty. The faster you will become a proficient typist if you can be more certain of what you’re doing no matter how slow you are. You can eventually improve and increase speed when you’re certain to do it. Avoid looking at the keyboard when typing. You always have to be sure; never guess. Press the keys with certainty. Use a steady rhythm in typing, so set the same timing when hitting those keys. Enjoy your rhythm in typing.

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