13+ Ideas on Different Types of Handwriting

Choosing the right type of handwriting is definitely important. The reason for this is quite simple – your handwriting is usually going to create the first impression amongst many customers and that’s why you have to perfect it so you better have good handwriting. With this in mind, below are a few cursive handwriting styles that you might find interesting.

13 Different Types of Handwriting

Below you will find an abundance of different cursive styles which are going to prove to be particularly interesting.

  • Milasian: This is a rather casual script typeface which is characterized with an inky composition. It contains a lot of supporting ligatures as well as glyphs for a hand-lettered look.
  • Bakery: This is without a doubt a great choice if you want to set your handwriting style aside from the others. It’s unique and distinguishable.
  • Lackerli One: An overly preferred choice for a lot of people. It is characterized with a natural flow of the letters and an inky composition
  • Vibur font: This one is based on the traditional handwriting technique. It features a lot of ligatures and it’s a particularly curvy solution.
  • Aguafina: Characterized with its overly pointy appeal, this is a particularly great handwriting style for those who wish to appear more formal.
  • CAC Champagne: This is without a doubt amongst the most beautiful cursive styles out there.
  • Bukhari Script: Resembling an Arabic writing style, this one is particularly artistic.
  • Alex Brush: Another stylish and rather flowing brush script. It is characterized with short ascenders and descenders.
  • Freebooter script: This one is designated for those of you who are fans of the high ascenders.
  • Dynalight: Another particularly interesting handwriting idea – it’s characterized with pointy endings combined with natural flows
  • Stackyard: This is a traditional high-quality typeface capable of making a great impression if executed well.
  • Kaushan: This is another great choice if you don’t like pinning the letters together.
  • Arizonia: This one is a bit hard to execute but if mastered it’s capable of making flawless impressions.
different types of handwriting

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Hand Writing Fonts Give Great Ideas

As you can see, you can take a look at a wide range of different hand writing fonts with cursive styles and they could provide you with plenty of great ideas for your personal handwriting.

Professional Help

If you need advice on how to properly master any particular handwriting technique or you are wondering about which font to pick up, our professional typist is here, available at your convenience. We have years of experience in this particular field and we are most certainly capable of extending you a helping hand.

With this in mind, do not hesitate to give us a call and we could provide you with even more different handwriting styles for you to look at!